Why the Name Yahoshua

I have not used the name Jesus for many years. I do not go around preaching to people that they must use this name, it is a choice I made for myself. The name Jesus is not the true name of the Messiah. This name was given to Him by those who translated the Bible from Hebrew and Greek into English. Looking up the name Jesus in Strong's we find the following, "ee-ay-sooce'" of Hebrew origin,Jesus ie: Jehoshua, the name of our Lord." The Messiah was Hebrew. He had a Hebrew name. That name was Yahoshua, not Jesus. 

In my research on this topic I have found that the True name for the Father is Yah.  [Psalms 68:4]   He names His children after Him so I use the spelling Yah instead of Jah. Now there are those who may say big deal what is in a name, but I liken it to an immigrant who has come here from let's say, Mexico. This immigrant has the name of Juan. He moves to this country and people begin to call him John. It may be easier for them to pronounce, or maybe they want this person to sound more American. Regardless of the reasons the fact remains his real name is Juan. This man Juan knows his true name, it was given to him at birth, so I ask, who am I to change it? Juan may answer to the name John if called that, because he knows that their are people who know him by that name. He also may choose not to answer to it. Still the fact is his name is Juan and I choose to call him Juan, just as I choose to call the Messiah by the name that was given to Him at birth, Yahoshua and the name of the Father, Yah.