I am a Minister and Teacher in The Body Of Yahoshua I have been called to preach the gospel of the Kingdom of God This site is intended to teach, inspire, and fulfill my duties. I can only pray that I am able to provide these things to anyone who wishes to hear.

You will find that through out this site,  I shall refer to the Bible for the majority of my answers. I shall also be referring to "Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of The Bible." This book is one of the most important study guides for anyone who truly wishes to understand the scriptures. I highly recommend any reader of this work to invest in one. You can find it at almost any Book Store, religious or otherwise. At times, I shall refer to some outside secular material, but it will not be to often.

 I find that when it comes to understanding the Word's of the Creator, it is best to hear it from the horse's mouth. Also it must be said that the majority of references that I use from the Bible will come from the New King James Version, and all added emphasis on a word or topic will be mine. At times I may use a different translation of the Bible, when this occurs it will be noted. During this writing I shall be referring to the Man called Jesus, as, the Messiah or Yahoshua. The reasons will be made clear later, but if I had a plumber over to fix my sink and his name happened to be Joe, I might tell you about it and refer to him, as The Plumber. It is not his name, but it is what he does. The Man called Jesus in the Bible was the Messiah, It is what He is. The name Yahoshua  is His true name. There are many who know this but spell it differently. I have found through my research that this is closest spelling phonetically to the true pronunciation.  

I shall also be referring to the one called God, as the Creator,  the Father, or sometimes but not often as Yah. This is the true name of the Creator.
This is for the same reasons. This Being, known as God, is the Creator and Father of the human rac and His name is Yah.  It is who He is. I find no conflict in referring to Him in this way.

I pray that this site helps you in some small way to understand this world and your part in it .


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