H 1893: Hebel or Habel:

Definition: the second son of Adam

Original Word: הָ֫בֶל

Transliteration: Hebel or Habel

Phonetic Spelling: (heh'-bel)

From H 1892

 H 1892 hebel:

Definition: vapor, breath, delusion, emptily, emptiness , fleeting , fraud , futile , futility , idols , mere breath, nothing , useless , vain , vainly , vanity, vanity of vanities , vapor, worthless 

Original Word: הָ֫בֶל

Transliteration: hebel

Phonetic Spelling: (heh'bel)

From H 1891  habal

 H 1891 habal

Definition: to act emptily, become vain, act foolishly, became empty , leading you into futility, vainly hope

Original Word: הָבַל

Transliteration: habal

Phonetic Spelling: (haw-bal')